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Part-time Positions


Digital Data Analyst

We are looking for a talented, curious, and creative Digital Data Analyst to join our growing team.

The analyst will be responsible for mining, organizing, modeling, interpreting, and reporting on complex data gathered from multiple structured and unstructured data sources in order to recognize patterns and create insights from the data that will anticipate customer needs and create a competitive advantage for our clients.

In particular, the position will require knowledge and experience with data mining techniques, statistical programs, quantitative and qualitative data analysis skills, data visualization techniques, and presentation of results in visual, written and oral formats to a wide range of stakeholders. Understanding of and experience with market research and social media data are highly desirable.

This position will aid in the analysis and interpretation of data in order to enhance marketing and business decisions.


The successful candidate will have the ability to creatively solve problems, demonstrate excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills, and possess advanced statistical and analytical skills and experience in assessment and data presentation.

  • Advanced knowledge of different data mining techniques such as clustering, regression analysis, and decision trees is required.
  • Experience with messy, ‘real-life’ datasets is required.
  • The ability to work quickly and efficiently and to adapt when deadlines and priorities change are necessary skills.


Minimum of B.S. degree in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Computer Science/ Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Decision Sciences, Management Information Systems or other related technical discipline. Master’s degree preferred.

1-3 years’ experience required related to position’s major responsibilities, specifically experience in:

  • Conducting statistical analysis and statistical computing.
  • Manipulating data and conducting analyses in a statistical computing language or software such as SPSS, SAS, R (or S).
  • Creating reports in MS Access or Crystal Reports.

To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume with DIGITAL DATA ANALYST in the email subject line to Please indicate salary requirements in your cover letter. No paid relocation.



Qualitative Research Manager

We are seeking a Qualitative Research Manager who is naturally curious and passionate about converting insights in human behavior into a competitive advantage for our clients. This person will be responsible for designing, executing, synthesizing and reporting results from all types of qualitative studies, as well as collaborating with Campos team members in the analysis and interpretation of other digital, qualitative and quantitative data that will enhance our client’s marketing and business decisions. He or she will have experience in conducting digital qualitative research, including online focus groups, in-depth interviews, immersive, communities, crowdsourcing, usability testing/UX and emerging digital/mobile qualitative techniques in addition to traditional focus groups. Ethnographic experience is also preferred.

The successful candidate will have the ability to creatively solve problems and demonstrate excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills.

Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Business or Social Science such as Psychology or Sociology is required; Master’s degree preferred.


RIVA trained or similar certification preferred.


Experience in social media, UX, ethnography and/or other content areas are a plus.


A minimum of 3-4 years’ related work experience related to the position’s major responsibilities is required, including:

  • Managing and executing in person and online qualitative research studies
  • Synthesizing unstructured data and developing a compelling story
  • Presenting findings using visual and video components

\To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume with QUALITATIVE RESEARCH MANAGER in the email subject line to Please indicate salary requirements in your cover letter. No paid relocation.


Part-time Market Research Call Center Leader

The Call Center Leader at Campos Inc coordinates and oversees the efforts of the Call Center interviewing team during a shift to insure efficiency and productivity in completing fieldwork for market research studies.

Leadership is by example meaning that the supervisor will take responsibility for moving the data collection effort forward by providing insight to the interviewing experience and using this insight to manage project quotas, validate interviewer results, work as an interviewer and identify alternative sampling sources when needed.

It is essential that leaders possess the ability to listen, quickly build rapport, and evaluate the respondent’s appropriateness for a research study.

An emphasis of the Leader’s role is quality control – they are responsible for ensuring that the recruitment team adheres to project specifications as well as guidelines set by project managers during the data collection process.

Leaders complete project work as describe and also provide support within the department in whatever capacity is needed.

Shift: Predominantly evenings and weekends

Experience Preferred: 
• Proficient computer use to include working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Excel, Word, Access.
• 3-6 months Call Center interviewing to include market research recruitment and data collection

Attributes preferred: 
• Proven leader with ability to positively impact productivity and morale. 
• Organized, creative thinker with excellent reading, comprehension and communication skills. 
• Quick learner who can effectively deal with ambiguous, sometimes conflicting priorities or information and can resolve associated issues.

On-the-job training: 
• Project Leadership, 
• Intra-departmental Cross-training, 
• Internal Processes/Procedures/Task Completion

To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume with Call Center Leader in the email subject line to, or fax to 412-471-8497. Please indicate salary requirements in your cover letter.

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Part-time Call Center Interviewer

Job Summary

Call Center Interviewers are the voice of Campos Inc recruitment. The Call Center Interviewers are responsible for filling recruitment quotas with high quality respondents for every research study. The Call Center Interviewer’s ability to listen, build rapport, and evaluate the respondent’s appropriateness for a research study is essential. The Call Center Interviewer’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • Obtain and record accurate, truthful information
  • Provide qualified and articulate respondents for every research project

Desired Job Outcome

Professional, accurate Qualitative Research recruitment and Quantitative data collection services for all Campos Inc research

Job Duties

  • Completely understand all processes pertaining to recruitment and properly use tools to collect, record, and track accurate data.
  • Telephone potential respondents to screen for participation in Campos Inc research (e.g.  focus group/in-person discussion or for inclusion in a telephone survey).
  • Follow screening and data collection criteria to productively administer market research surveys and to fill set quotas.
  • Listen carefully to determine respondent credibility and assess the value of their inclusion in a given study.
  • Accurately track contact results on paper and electronically.
  • Achieve and maintain project recruitment goals set by project managers and supervisors.
  • Conduct off-site intercept recruitment/interviews when necessary.
  • Support all Campos Inc initiatives including the promotion and growth of VO!CE of the Region.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities

Education:                   Current High School Student or Graduate (minimal)

Experience/Skills:       None required, but previous telephone experience is a plus. MS Word, Outlook, Excel

Additional exp:           None required.

Attributes preferred:  Ability to speak very clearly and to write legibly, quick thinker, active listener, persuasive, easy conversationalist, strong comprehension and communications skills, high energy, team player

On-the-job training:    Telephone Etiquette, Market Research Interviewing Processes and Procedures

Immediate openings to fill day and evening shifts as a Call Center Interviewer at our convenient downtown location. ABSOLUTELY NO SALES CALLS.

Click this link or copy and paste it into your browser to fill out our online application.

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CAMPOS Market Research Pittsburgh

Part-time Client Service Assistant

Job Summary

The Client Service Assistant is the face of the Campos Inc facility in that they become the point of contact for Campos Inc clients and facility visitors who seek information or assistance during their visit.

The CSA position is often demanding and fast-paced, requiring excellent time management and problem-solving skills. On a daily basis the CSA will interact with guests from varied backgrounds and walks of life, and therefore an amicable personality is a must for a successful CSA.

A CSA must be flexible and accommodating; they have to be knowledgeable about the facility and its amenities. A CSA must know what the facility can offer to our clients in any number of special circumstances and be able to make recommendations based on their needs.

The CSA’s primary responsibilities are to:

  1. Professionally provide information and special services to enhance guests' visits
  2. Graciously accommodate the needs of clients and facility guests

Desired Job Outcome

Create an experience that ensures clients and respondents will share positive word of mouth about Campos Inc with colleagues and friends, who in turn will bring repeat business and participation to Campos Inc.

Job Duties

  • Greeting guests, welcoming them to our facility, and assisting them throughout their stay.
  • Clearly communicating with facility guests to provide all of the information they need to make the most of their visit.
  • Projecting professional, pleasant image - ALWAYS
  • Preparing facility for session execution prior to guest arrival
  • Being readily available to cater to guest needs
  • Receiving guests as they arrive at the facility
  • Directing guests to the appropriate areas
  • Performing tasks invariably related to internal facility functions (i.e. Operate A/V equipment, food service, etc.)
  • Acting as on-site liaison between project managers and research clients
  • Working closely with project managers to provide clear, concise reports - during  and after study facilitation - and obtain broad exposure to the qualitative market research process
  • Completing necessary paperwork
  • Resetting facility after session completion
  • Working as call center interviewer to supplement hours
  • Supporting all Campos Inc initiatives including the promotion and growth of VO!CE of the Region.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities

Education/Experience:       Some college and/or previous customer service experience necessary

Necessary Skills:       

  • Strong verbal communication skills are essential.
  • Amicable personality
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Effective problem solving capabilities
  • Professional appearance
  • Highly organized and detail oriented
  • Active listener, persuasive
  • MS Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook

Additional experience:      Prior experience in the hospitality field is a plus

Attributes preferred:      Easy conversationalist, quick thinker, high energy, team player

On-the-job training:           Hosting Etiquette, On-site Equipment Operation, Market Research Interviewing Processes and Procedures

To Apply

Click this link or copy and paste it into your browser to fill out our online application.

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