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Client Amenities


Campos Inc's top-rated facilities offer a full range of amenities and excellent customer service.

Each suite includes:

  • A state-of-the-art audio and video recording system which provides back-up storage and easy access to previously conducted sessions
  • Updated ceiling mounted video cameras and microphones
  • Pivoting speakers and independent volume control in the observation rooms
  • Attractive wall-mounted plates for VGA pass through

Each suite offers:

  • Reconfigurable conference tables and a variety of room settings to meet your needs (e.g. conference style, mini group, IDI, living room, mock jury presentations)
  • Adjustable lighting control in group rooms
  • Large client viewing rooms with oversized one-way mirror
  • Meals catered to specification

On-site amenities:

  • Digital audio recording and transfer via secure FTP site
  • WiFi connectivity throughout
  • DVD/CD recording and duplication
  • Equipment and software for website usability testing
  • LCD projector and presentation screen
  • Video streaming for remote viewing through FocusVision via desktop & mobile device
  • Comfortable client lounge area

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